Tips for making a Good Cardio Fitness even Better.


"I try to do an hour of cardio on the days I have off, and then I'll do 30-45 minutes on show days. That's the first thing I do when I wake up, I have breakfast, and then I'll hit the gym." - Travis Barker. 

Thinking of getting fit but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you already exercise regularly but would like to improve your performance? 

Cardiovascular exercises (or cardio) increase heart rate and blood flow throughout the body and help reduce stress levels and increase energy. They're also important because they burn calories and build muscle mass. The exercises are important because they help us in achieving our daily goals. These exercises include running, cycling, swimming, rowing, jogging, dancing, etc. 

Here are eight ways to make your cardio workouts better. 

  • Maintain the consistency

Once started, there is no going back. Consistency will keep you disciplined and fit. Setting up a plan and following it regularly is the greatest method to see results from a cardio workout. The body will adjust to the training anytime, whether first thing in the morning or after work. Your fitness objectives can be attained if you consistently work out regularly. 

  • The group system

Working out with a partner, friends, or family can make your cardio sessions more engaging and fun. 

  • Volume up, Distractions down

Music creates a hedge around you so that you can concentrate on your sets and be motivated to complete your repetitions. Choose a fast-paced, upbeat song to keep your energy levels up throughout the workout. 

  • Keeping regular Checks

Many Mobile Applications on the Android App Store can help you monitor your Performance. You Can Track your Heartbeat and calories burned while exercising. To Prevent a Performance Halt, Tracking all of these factors helps to Boost Motivation and Encourage Improvement. 

  • Intervals are must

Increase your workout intensity and achieve the best results by using interval training. Switch intense periods of work with intervals of rest or low effort.

  • Avoid Handrail

Never grab onto the handrail when utilising a piece of cardio equipment. Instead of pumping your arms across your torso, which will lessen the efficiency of your workout, just let go and pump them forward and back.

  • Outdoor Workouts

To avoid the boring routine, take your workout plan to the next level by exercising outside your gym. Mountain biking and trail running can be great alternatives to indoor workout sessions. Mountain biking and trail running on unlevel terrain enhance fitness and balance while exercising smaller but no less important stabiliser muscles.


You are your motivator and competitor. So gear up! You have a lot of calories to shred. A structured plan and proper training will get you in shape and make you feel the difference.  

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