The Indian martial art- Mallakhamb, an Indian sport long forgotten?



As a pastime sport and martial art, many Indians have watched Mallakhamb, a true Indian sport, on television. We are sure that one glimpse carved lifelong memories in the minds of those who saw it in their childhood. However, most Indians are unaware of the origins and competitive elements of this Indian sport. So let's know all about this forgotten Indian martial art sport.


What is Mallakhamb?


Mallakhamb is an old Indian martial art recognized as a traditional sport, competing to find its place in the modern sports world. The name 'Mallakhamb' is derived from two words: 'Malla,' which means wrestler, and 'Khamb,' which means pole. Mallakhamb can be defined as "the wrestler's pole."

The gymnast performs various aerial yoga and gymnastic poses on a wooden pole, a rope, or a cane. Usually, these wooden poles are 10 to 12-foot-long are made of Sheesham or Indian Rosewood and lathered with castor oil to prevent friction and injuries.


History of Mallakhamb


As per the historical evidence, during the rule of Chalukya Kings, there was a sport in which wrestlers used to improve their body agility and strength on a wooden pole. Mallakhamb has a long and celebrated history dating back to the 12th century. However, the sport was also abandoned with the collapse of the Chalukya dynasty. Mallakhamb was revived during the rule of Balambhatt Dada Deodhar, Peshwa Bajirao, in the eighteenth century. He employed this martial art sport to improve the soldiers' fitness levels and as a crucial tool in guerrilla combat style.


What are the benefits of Mallakhamb?




It makes the body light and strong. It is beneficial for the arms, abdomen, thighs, and muscles. This makes it easy to gain proficiency in sports like gymnastics, wrestling, and kabaddi.


For better stamina


Mallakhamb help increases the stamina of wrestlers. It improves agility and intelligence in the body. You have to climb the pole using only your toes and hold your body. It requires strength, fitness, and balance.


Reduces the risk of heart disease


This is the best full-body workout, which includes a variety of strength and martial art exercises, improving blood circulation in your body. You don't need extra practice if you do all the Mallakhamb.


As yoga


Not only does it improve overall fitness by strengthening every muscle in your body, but it also improves dexterity, concentration, and balance. The best part is that anyone over the age of five can pick it up. It's also the most affordable workout—all that's needed is a pole or rope, and there are a variety of exercises that you can do.


Future of Mallakhamb


Mallakhamb is a physical and mental martial art sport. It can be made mandatory for the fitness of the Indian Army and the Police. Playing it to a player of another game will make it easier for you to gain proficiency in the game. It can be used for self-defense. By making this sport compulsory in the school, the health and well-being of the upcoming generation can be improved.


At last


Mallakhamb is a good sport for mental, physical, and strength fitness. And having the ideal yoga dress helps you a lot because you'll be able to perform your moves flawlessly. 


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