The importance of immunity around you

There's a serious awakening on the importance of a healthier immune function after a severe health crisis the entire world went through. At least we know that immunity can help combat situations that even the best of technology can't.

At the begining of the 2000s, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) was spreading across the globe, followed by MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), and then COVID-19, which we all know about! There's a flu season, especially in India, amid changing weather and increasing waste products. Amidst everything, the need for a more robust immune becomes even more critical for survival.

Your immune strength speaks for your health. It is one of the main characteristics that enumerate well-being. 

How can you build your immune system?

Immunity isn't a tablet commitment. It doesn't happen like you take a tablet every day and end up with a more robust immune system. After witnessing the severe crisis around immune strength, a pill a day won't make up for anything good. 

Immunity is a result of lifestyle. It revolves around habits that amplify everyday activities. How fresh you eat, how consistently you move, and how well you give rest to your body are some of the things that will contribute to a more rigid immune function.

In the busy world, it is significantly vital to take out time for oneself and put focus on self-care. 

Here are things that will contribute toward a stronger immune:

Your food choices

What you eat has so much to do with your health and well-being. Being consistent in eating balanced meals, including a sufficient amount of greens in the diet, and depending on home-prep meals would do more towards building immunity. 

Your daily movement

Exercising in any form, whether it's yoga, gym, or a walk, can facilitate the most incredible health benefits. It stimulates blood circulation, which is so essential for the human body. Besides making your body ready to take the day, it does build your health significantly.


Proper sleep is such an underrated habit. We do not realise that half of the health problems we face come from improper rest that we give the body. Until we define our daily practices, nothing will fall into place. Defining the daily routine and sleeping for 7-8 hours a day will let you experience real positive health changes. 

Should you be taking immunity supplements?

It can be a complementary step in your daily routine. Supplements are good when coming from good sources. Having a health supplement will contribute to better health when paired with good lifestyle habits. 

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