The array of benefits a daily dose of skipping provides

Have you simply categorised skipping as a meagre school playground activity or a classic scene from a boxing movie? Although the above-pictured incidents are true to the happenings, skipping is just far more than a primary school playground activity. 

More than anything else, skipping is an exercise that can be performed anywhere. All you need is a little space and a skipping rope. There’s no need for any hardcore cardiovascular equipment to sustain cardio benefits. The form of cardio might be cheap, but it isn’t any less beneficial.   

Here are the top 6 benefits that skipping provides:

Train your full body

Skipping allows you to focus on all body parts rather than sticking to one. From quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders abs to arms, it helps work on all muscle groups. 

It’s a convenient form of exercise

You don’t need to buy any fancy and expensive equipment to incorporate this form of exercise into your daily routine. All you need is a skipping rope that is available for less than a hundred rupees. Skipping convinces that fitness isn’t expensive. 

Burns more calories than you expect

Did you know that skipping can burn approximately 25-30 calories in a minute? So, probably you need just half an hour to burn 600 calories. To lose weight, this is the best form of exercise. You can reach your calorie deficit goal easily by skipping.


Improves coordination

When put in short, skipping is an amazing way to improve motor skills, balance and master full-body coordination. After skipping for a while, one can significantly see improvement in balance and coordination skills. 

Improves agility

Many research has revealed that skipping can significantly improve agility. A dozen examples prove how jumping rope in sports training programs can impact agility.

Makes you happier

Isn’t it true that you start feeling good about everything after exercising? Yes, scientific reports prove that exercise releases endorphin that stimulates mood. Skipping is the best way to lead you towards the best mood you are after. 

So, are you impressed by the numerous benefits that skipping provides? That’s not it; there are many more on the list! Once you start to get involved in the process, you will discover the benefits by yourself!

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