The Advanced Level of High-Intensity Training: Tabata


Tabata training is a one of the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that involves short periods of intense exercise followed by rest periods. Tabata training aims to maximise fat burning during each workout session.

Tabata was founded by Dr Izumi Tabata and developed initially at St Luke's International University in Tokyo. In Japan, "Tabata" means "eight", referring to the number of rounds performed during each HIIT session. The foundational idea behind the workout is that it allows you to burn fat at higher rates than continuous low-intensity cardio. 

HIIT has become very popular for its effectiveness in burning fat, increasing muscle mass and improving cardiovascular health.



There are several types of HIIT. Tabata intervals consist of eight 20-second rounds followed by four minutes of rest. This workout form is ideal for beginners because it requires little equipment and is relatively short. A simple Tabata workout includes-

  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Crunches
  • Burpees
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Push-ups

The key to success is consistency. You should target completing at least two Tabatas weekly to achieve optimal results. Listed below are the health benefits of Tabata:

  • Builds Muscle Mass - Tabata exercises need the most effort, dedication, and stimulation of the muscles. As a result, the Tabata technique exercises force the body to recover these fibres, increasing muscle growth.

Short Workout time - You can get the same outcomes from 20 minutes of Tabata cardio exercise as you would from two hours of yoga or walking and an hour of fast cycling or running. Thus, it is a method for maximising your time without sacrificing the desired outcomes. 

  • Best Calorie burner- The Tabata method is incredibly intense both during and after your workout, which can significantly boost post-workout calorie expenditure.  
  • Improves Metabolism- Your heart rate and metabolism will instantly boost with the Tabata workout. Your heart rate will undoubtedly increase, which will increase your metabolism. Your body has to work considerably more complex to keep up with you since you operate at such a high level of intensity. Your metabolism will remain high during the entire workout and even after you stop. 
  • Burns fat instantly- When engaging in other moderate cardio exercises, you must wait until your body enters the "fat-burning zone" to burn fat effectively. Your body naturally stops burning calories as soon as you stop doing cardio workouts. Where Tabata's training differs is in this area. Within the first round of Tabata training, your body enters the fat-burning zone and remains there for hours afterwards.
  • Protects Muscle Tissue - There is a chance that you could lose muscle as well as fat when you diet or try to lose weight. You must exercise your muscles to maintain them strong and healthy. The Tabata approach produces high-intensity exercise that is excellent for building and preserving muscular tissue.

Tabata increases your maximum oxygen capacity (VO2 max), which means you can run further and faster. Plus, they don't require much equipment, making them ideal for busy schedules.


Tabata training improves your cardio capacity without spending hours in the gym. It also helps build muscle mass, improves stamina, increases metabolic rate, boosts testosterone levels, and burns calories faster than other forms of HIIT.

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