Swim your way through a calorie burn


Are you looking for ways to get fit without spending too much time or effort? If yes, then you should try swimming. Swimming burns calories faster than running or cycling; additionally does not require any special skills and gear. Today, swimming is considered a sport in which anyone can participate. There are several swimming exercises, such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and crawl. It is also an excellent workout alternative for those who don't want to spend hours in the gym. Try these simple swimming workouts to stay fit and trim. As a therapy, swimming is frequently advised as a low-impact form of exercise for people who are healing from injuries. 

Here are some advantages of swimming over other aerobic exercises which will motivate you to jump into the pool:

A total-body exercise-

Swimming engages all of the body's muscles, so whether you swim the leisurely breaststroke or the powerful hammer butterfly, you will use every muscle in your body. Additionally, swimming for 30 minutes is equivalent to working out on the land for 45 minutes because swimming makes your body work harder.

Boosts your level of energy-

Most of the time, people's lack of energy is caused by inactivity rather than ageing. Your energy levels can be enhanced through an increased metabolic rate with just 30 minutes of swimming thrice per week.

Best calorie burner-

One of the effective techniques to burn calories is to swim. Swimming comfortably can burn more than 200 calories in 30 minutes, more than twice as many as walking.

Stress Buster-

Regular swimming can enhance sleep patterns, lower anxiety and sadness, and lower stress levels.

Great for overall health-

One of the best methods to stay healthy and active and keep a happy mindset is to swim for just 30 minutes three times each week, combined with a balanced, nutritious diet and lifestyle.

Minimises the risk of diseases-

Swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular workout and can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes by devoting 30 minutes a week.

Supports the body-

Up to 90% of the body's weight is supported by water. Swimming is a great method to stay active if you have a long-term ailment or illness, sprained your ankle playing Monday night football, or any other injury or disease.

Cardiovascular Benefits-

Swimming at a high intensity, whether for general health or as competition training, has the most noticeable positive effects on the muscles. In addition to improving fitness, swimming is a fantastic way to burn calories.

Cold water swimming-

Swimming in cold water aids in reducing stress and exhaustion, enhancing memory, and elevating mood over time. Additionally, exposure to cold water helps strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation in the body.

With all the great cardiovascular, muscular, and mental benefits from swimming, it's a great time to find your nearest pool or lake and go for a swim and beat the scorching heat.

What all do you need for swimming?

Your first gear item should be a good swimsuit that fits you tightly enough to minimise drag in the water. A swim cap is also helpful in preventing water and hair from getting in your ears and cheeks. 

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