Protective gear for skateboarding and roller skating

Skateboarding and roller coasting aren’t an inclusion in the Indian sports culture in an elucidated manner. It was through social media and television that created hype for skateboarding and roller coasting. But it is fun, right? Think of reclaiming the carefree wind in the local park or neighbourhood while balancing your skateboard; that’s too much fun to pen down!

But skating or roller coasting isn’t easy. There’s a lot of balance work involved. So, you must protect your knees and elbows from hurting while trying to learn the sport. 

A safe skating and roller coating ride with the mandatory protective gear

Yes, you will fall down multiple times while learning roller skating, but guess what? You can learn to fall safe by implementing the proper safety measures. 

Wearing protective gear while skating is an essential step, and it might be a little heavy on you till you finally get the hang of it!  

The standard equipment includes elbow pads, knee pads, helmets and wrist guards. You can take an extra step towards protecting yourself and wear a mouthguard as well. Yes, there are padded shorts as well for your tailbone protection. 

Many skaters and roller coaster riders forego the need to wear protective gear once they become comfortable riding around, but that is not advisable. The skating ground is hard and concrete, and even an accidental fall can result in severe injuries. 

So, before you are ready to roll, you must always understand the need to keep wearing the protective gear whatsoever! 

Elbow and knee pads

Elbows and Kness are body parts that are more prone to injuries that can hurt, bruise, and get sprained. These protective gear pads have a softer and strappy inside padding with a more rigid outer shell. It works more like a helmet. 


Wrist Guards

You better take care of your wrist from getting sprained or fractured. Wrist sprains are painful, and that is the reason why so many choose to wear protective gear around their wrist. A wrist guard can significantly reduce the risk of getting a severe injury.  


How can you ever avoid wearing a helmet? Nobody should! Head injuries are the most severe ones of all! They can lead to bruises, cuts, serious brain injury and concussions. Thus, helmets are the most crucial protective gear while skateboarding and roller skating. Ensuring that the size of the helmet is right, fits you well, and has a proper lock that doesn’t constrict your skin but fits well.

Hopefully, you are now aware and informed of the proper protective gear while skating and roller skating. 

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