Is India a sporting nation?

Where does India stand when it comes to sports? Is India sporty enough? Is sports culture given a significant priority in India? Well, that needs a bit of detailing and emphasis on a lot of pointers that might turn helpful in better understanding sports in India. 

How old is sports culture in India?

Since the time history is in the record, sports have been significant to the Indian tradition reaching new heights as Buddhism came into practice. 

There’s detailing of many fascinating games in Tiruvedacharya in Villas Mani, namely equitation, chariot-racing, hammer-throwing, and archery.   


Today many Olympic games that we see are sophisticated versions of games that are ancient to India’s tradition. Some games that are believed to have originated in India include Chess, wrestling, polo, hockey and archery.  

So, probably sports are quite ancient to Indian history. 

There are a lot of things revolving around sports in India. The Britishers’ rule, famine struggle after the Britishers left, to improving sports culture in India, a lot of things have happened that have shaped the sports culture in India. 

Some significant events embarking on the sports culture in India

First Asia born athlete named Norman Pritchard (Calcutta based Britisher) participated in the Olympics Paris in 1900. He was the first athlete born in Asia to win an Olympic medal. However, it still remains a debatable question whether he was an Indian or a British player. 

In the same colonial era, India had participated in a total of six events, out of which Hockey and Pritchard 200 metre sprint and hurdles were the two that backed medals. 

No, this isn’t how sports started in India! That was a phase when India was supposed to restart its sports venture again!  

India was taking forward the hockey culture until 1960. Then, the Indian team had seven golds and one silver, which made the Indian hockey team invincible. 

Pakistan somehow broke the record in 1960, and India backed the position again in 1964.

In the 1968 and 1972 Olympics, India backed the bronze medal in hockey. India bagged the Gold medal in the Moscow Olympics in 1980. That was the last time when India bagged a gold in the field hockey Olympics. 

Is India a sporting nation?

Yes! India’s history has beautifully elucidated sports. We have been a country that has revolutionized multiple times. 

There’s definitely way more to work on improving the way we perceive sports in India. 

The primary focus should be to highlight the significance of sports culture in India and shift that to improving the methods in which we train the athletes. Besides that, it is equally important to focus on multicultural sports rather than sticking to one sport. There should be equal fame for all! 

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