Everything You Need to Know About Mallakhamb.

Mallakhamb is an ancient Indian traditional sport where an athlete performs Aerial yoga & wrestling on hanging wooden poles, ropes and canes. Mallakhamb refers to a pole used in a long-established Indian sport; it can be completed in three ways: with a 'Sheesham' pole, a cane, or a rope.

The Mallakhamb pole is made of Indian Rosewood varnished with castor oil. The sport's name is obtained from the word 'Malla', which means wrestling, and 'khamb', which means a pole, resulting in the phrase "Wrestling pole."

How did Mallakhamb start?

During ancient times, when documentation was exceptionally hard compared to today, the survival of various forms of art, such as yoga, was entirely dependent on the Guru, who was the Master, and his Disciplines. The Expert used to help educate his disciplines and preserve the art.

The fifth generation is carrying on and has kept the flag flying high, resulting in massive popularity in India and worldwide. All of this is attributable to the Masters who know everything of Mallakhamb for their incredible contribution and are maintaining this classical art form alive. 

Mallakhamb is among the most challenging sports in history; it's an Indian Martial Art that originated in Maharashtra and dates back to the Mahabharata & Ramayana periods.

Balambhatt Dada Deodhar of Peshwa Bajirao II's reign accepted a challenge to defeat the Nazmi wrestlers, Ali & Gulab, who were thought to be unbeatable at the time. Deodhar did belong to the Priestly Clan, so he sought assistance from the goddess Saptashrungi. Lord Hanuman is said to have taught him how to wrestle on a wooden pole stand.

Types of Mallakhamb:

  1. Pole Mallakhamb - Sheesham or teak poles are vertically fixed to the ground. The performers use the pole to perform various acts.
  2. Hanging Mallakhamb - The pole is not repaired but hangs from a hook that is generally shorter than the restored pole.
  3. Rope Mallakhamb - Cotton rope is commonly used, but that should not result in rope binding.
  4. Bottle Mallakhamb - The most recent Mallakhamb variation, in which glass jars are put on a wooden platform & the Mallakhamb is centred on top.

Traditional sports are thought to be ideal for exercise. It consists of various yoga postures that develop robust control over one's body. It tries to teach you how to balance and control yourself. The sport's posture strengthens the muscles of the hands, legs, and triceps. Because the body twists and turns so much, it becomes incredibly flexible. It also grants Grasping abilities to the hands and wrists. 

It also aids in the improvement of mental abilities. Breathing control and balance control aid in cognitive development. It also improves concentration and other characteristics, such as increasing an individual's strength and courage. 


India won the team event at the inaugural Mallakhamb World Championship 2019. The two-day tournament took place in Mumbai, and 15 countries competed, including Spain, Germany, Italy, the US, England, France, and host India. India won the team championship with 244 points, while Malaysia and Singapore finished second and third, respectively.

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