Don't make these common mistakes when practicing Yoga


Yoga is an excellent form of exercise which makes you physically fit and mentally calm. Studies show that regular yoga improves metabolism and heart rate but can also be harmful if done incorrectly. Due to improper posture or overdoing specific asanas, most yoga injuries appear gradually. It can be detrimental to your health to perform incorrect asanas, stretch your body incorrectly, or not breathing properly when working out. According to doctors, wrong postures can result in both sudden, severe pain and on-going, chronic issues. Your core strength and flexibility play a significant role while practicing yoga. 

Common mistakes made while doing yoga:

  • Not warming up

The purpose of warming up the body is to accustom it to what is expected of it gradually. The body can be warmed up in various ways, including light stretching, light jogging, quick walking, etc. The warming stimulates the cardiovascular system, progressively elevating blood flow and raising body temperature. Resulting in a lower chance of injury and reduced muscular discomfort

  • Practicing yoga over a full stomach

Specialists advise not to perform yoga with a stomach. It is challenging to make forward bends or twists when food is in the intestine because it takes up room. Headstands and shoulder stand become challenging when the stomach is full. Practising yoga on an empty stomach might make a person queasy or throw up, which is another worrying aspect.

  • Irregular practice sessions

Nearly every person is juggling between work, family and other tasks. It can be difficult to keep a regular practice when there is so much to do. This irregularity makes advancement challenging and diminishes yoga's positive effects on the mind, body, and soul.

  •  Not wearing the right clothes

Rotation of the body parts is a crucial component of yoga. Tight or loose clothing may distract you from concentrating on your breath and yoga position.

  • Wrong breathing technique

If you're practising yoga, enjoy the learning curve that comes with learning how to breathe correctly. Failure to do so may lead to reduced performance and, if things go wrong, could even result in a fall.

  • Performing yoga in an enclosed or artificial environment

Many people try to perform yoga in a steam room, or perhaps even in a room with the air conditioner on. You could get damaged by this error once more. Yoga should not be practised in an artificially controlled environment because it might cause health problems, injure muscles, and take much longer for your body to relax. 

To avoid the mistakes mentioned above; here is what you can do:

  • Practice asanas with an empty stomach, and begin yogic activities with an empty bladder and bowels.
  • Slowly performing asanas will allow you to progress to more complex positions with time. To prevent injuries, warm-up exercises stretches, and asanas must be completed before each.
  • Yoga should be conducted in a room with good airflow and ventilation.
  • During yoga poses, pay attention to your breathing. Holding your breath is not advised unless it is instructed explicitly during practice.
  • Yoga sessions should conclude with a period of stillness or meditation. After the yoga practice, use relaxation techniques to cool down.

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