Don't Feel Like Stepping Out? Here's A Leg Workout You Can Do At Home!

It's a lazy day, and you don't feel like stepping out and hitting the gym? Oh! It's your leg day today, and you need to work out for that toned and maintained thighs. Relax! You can have a leg day at home as well. There is no need to step out to work out, there are some exercises that you can do at home and call it your leg day.

Read till the end, put on your gym track pants, and it's time to work out at home!  

  1. Try a bird pose: Give a good stretch to your inner thighs, hips, and abdominal muscles with this pose. Being a yoga pose helps you in achieving toned thighs by an easy exercise, and you don't need to lift heavy weights for that. Practice this pose at home, and you don't need to go to the gym and work out. 
  1. Do sumo squats: Stop believing that you can only work out at the gym, put up your gym track pants and do some squats at home. Sumo squats helps you in strong booty and outer thighs. Do at least 15-20 sumo squats at home if you are missing your gym and it will work for your leg day. 
  1. Add lunges to your workout: When it comes to working out at your home, the best you can do for a leg day are lunges. You are going to feel stretch in your muscles and it is going to help you in getting a toned figure. Working on your inner thighs, and abdomen, it is a perfect leg day activity to do at home. However, while doing this, make sure you are careful enough while placing your legs and do not bend down wrong. 
  1. Planks: The harder it sounds, the effective it is. After completing your exercise, its time you spend a minute or two doing a plank. Holding the weight on your body, it helps you in building strength and also focus on your legs work out. Just one or two minutes are enough if you don’t feel like working out for a long time.


Its okay if you don’t feel like hitting gym to a particular day, you can still have a leg workout at home. A little workout at home can help you in saving your time to go to gym and working out hard.


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