Do sports people care about fashion?

"But yes! The pleated skirt, the greatest innovation in fashion history, was due to increased sports participation by women in the '20s. Next, the sports shirt. In its variations and fabrics, it has become the basic style influence of this era. Because I style Lady Hathaway shirts, I'm all for this trend."

                                                      DIGBY MORTON, London

Yes, when playing sports, performance, attitude, and even medals matter, but is there something secretly ascending the sportspeople alongside the general public that goes insane with their every move! And that's fashion! 

To everybody who thinks sports is only dedication, consistency and eagerness, fitness supplements and protein powder let's get you a bit precise; it also lingers around finding the best fit that isn't just comfortable but equally stylish!

There are so many fashion trends that are directly taken from athletes. 

More than being appeased by their athletic moves, we have been secretly eyeing their voguish fits, isn't it?

Sania Mirza has been adored for her athletic performance, but what's been more charismatic about her? Her little white skirt! And, can you hark back to the days when Sania's little nosering had become the most acclaimed trend of the time, and every Bollywood movie made then had a scene resembling the fashion that she carried on the tennis court, isn't it? 

Let's talk about contemporary times, the baggy t-shirt, and the tiny tight shorts, or boomers; where is that coming from? You must have had an answer by now, so we shall leave that to you!

If you still don't believe us on the corresponding relationship between sports and fashion, let's talk about athletes who are real fashion icons!

MS Dhoni

Didn't the world go gaga over Dhoni's hairstyle back in the early 2000s when the global star was at the peak of his career and a sensation amongst the youngsters? Reminiscing those times spikes the level of excitement hormone, and that's a stagnant fact!  

Virat Kohli

Is it just the boys' athletic moves to take up from the former cricket captain? As much an extra-ordinate player, Virat Kohli is potentially one of the mega fashion icons on a global level, surpassing the level of influence created by significant other fashion stars. Everything has left us in an awestruck situation, from his hair to his minuscule style!

The greatest evidence of his fashion influence is launching his own fashion brand that has turned out to be a major one in the country and the globe.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Yes, we love Ronaldo for his captivating moves on the football ground, but, don't lie, do we not love the way he styles himself? If you ever feel like stalking his Instagram account, you might just find so many of them following him, just hooked over with his style! And that's significant evidence of all.

So, from all the above, can we simply conclude that 'sports is stylish'! 

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Sports is not only dedication, consistency and eagerness, fitness supplements and protein powder; it also lingers around finding the comfortable and stylish fit.

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