Best Walking, Jogging and Exercising Clothing and Accessories

"It is just as disastrous to have the wrong accessories in your room, as it is to wear sports shoes with an evening dress."

Dorothy Draper

What you wear, in a sense, reflects your style and tells a lot about you. What you wear should follow you, not that you follow the clothes you wear for walks, jogging and exercising. This means that your selection of walking, jogging and exercising dresses should be so comfortable, exercise-friendly and reassuring that they are not something you are bothered about during your physical activity. In fact, your clothing should build confidence in you. No sweat about it; Shopping Monks has it all for you. 

Some of the essentials in comfortable walking, jogging and exercising clothing and accessories wear are

  • It fits your body type. Try on the sportswear to check for the perfect fit. Note that sometimes size alone cannot determine the ideal fitting according to your body.
  • Comfortable. You should wear what you feel comfortable in, especially for your walks, jogging and exercising. 
  • The right size. You should know your accurate size, especially when you are ordering online. Shopping Monks' site allows you to choose your perfect size as it has all sizes to choose from.
  • Airy. Some clothes are not so light and airy, especially synthetic ones that may not be recommended for your walk, jog, and exercise activity. The sportswear should allow for air passage and not be too thick unless you are in cold places. 
  • Elastic and Flexible. When you are on walk, jog or exercise mode, you need to flex, and your sportswear should accommodate and adjust to this. Clothes elasticity is an essential aspect in this matter. 
  • The right fabric. This is critical as the sports clothes and accessories you wear and use for walks, jogs, and exercises should be flexible and deal with sweat and air passing making you comfortable.
  • The right colour. Whether a park, inside a residential area or any other outdoor location, every place has its ambience and character. Your clothes should gel with the surroundings. For example, in summer you may want to wear light-coloured clothes for your walks, jogging and exercising. In winter, many prefer darker coloured dresses wear.


Wrong clothing for walking, jogging and exercising can make people look at you shockingly. You may not feel comfortable not being in the required outfit, which can demotivate or lower your confidence in going for walks, jogging, and exercising. Let your sports clothing be the reason to motivate you to go walking, jogging and exercising, and not be an obstacle to it.

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