Beginners Exercise Guide: Start Your Fitness Journey Today.

When it comes to fitness, most people feel like starting but fail when they don't understand how to start. Today, everyone is running short on time and going n hitting the gym takes additional time in your routine. Put on your  and start exercising at home. Along with the exercising time, what includes more is the travelling time, and sometimes you are also stuck in traffic.  

Here is a guide on how you can begin exercising without going to a gym.  

  1. Start by walking

Sometimes, your body does not support the exercises directly, it requires energy beforehand and a capacity to start exercising, therefore, it's best to start by walking. Every day, after waking up, you can walk 5-7 km and slowly start jogging. This will strengthen your muscles and make your body ready to exercise. Along with this, walking helps in burning calories without exhausting you. Therefore walking is the best way to have a low workout. 

  1. Add yoga to your routine

Yes, yoga is considered a workout. You will not burn a lot of calories with yoga, but it's a good option to start with. Put on your yoga wear, and start practising some poses daily. Yoga helps you in feeling fresh and energetic, and along with that, you will burn some calories. This is the best way to start if you are a yoga enthusiast and love the poses. 

  1. How about dancing

While most people enjoy dancing, what they forget is that they are burning calories with it. Dancing is like a cardio exercise that helps you lose overall calories. This will help you in the workout without realising that you are working out. Spend time having fun, and you work out as well.  

  1. Go biking

Cycling seems fun, but how about strengthening your muscles with this? While you ride a bicycle, it puts a load on your thigh muscles, it helps in strength gains. So, spend some time exploring the town while cycling around.  

  1. Spend some time in a pool

It's summer, and you probably want to go out and swim. Why not? It's one of the activities that burn calories, and you can enjoy your time swimming while you are exercising. Is anything better than that?  

Now that you know how to start exercising at home without putting a load on your body, it's time to grab some clothes that fit these activities.

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