An elaboration of health beyond fitness

A healthy outside starts from the inside.”  

                                                                     – Robert Urich

For a prolonged period, we have been interrelating health and fitness. We are, perhaps, messing around with the individual definitions of each that are conclusive of differentiated notions! 

Is it reliant to conclude that health is in being just fit? Or the perception needs mitigation? 

While fitness is a little excerpt of health, it isn't the downright concept, and that's where a vivid understanding is obligatory.

Do you still relentlessly rely on the fact that running miles and eating clean is enough to call yourself 'healthy?' That's very pegging for the actual definition! Yes, moving the body and feeding it right count as the best things you could do for your well-being, but that might not be just what you need to do! 

Can we just broaden the horizon before we self-proclaim ourselves to be 'healthier?' 

In reality, when we discuss health, we extend to physical, mental, and emotional well-being! 

The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.”

                                                                 – Deepak Chopra

What should a healthy body feel like?

There's comfort around being in your own body, feeling confident about oneself, and being satisfied with what is already available while significantly working towards accomplishing the various set goals. When considering health, there's a very cordial relationship between the body and mind. 

Besides that, health is also about happiness and feeling content about oneself and everything that happens around you!

Yes, not every day depicts the same picture and has the same story to share. Some would be rewarding and invigorating, while some would be apprehensive and edifice, and that's life. What defines your well-being is your attitude towards it. For you to be able to digest triumphs and combat disasters, make up for your stable self. 

Alongside your physical endurance to hold the wall from falling, your mental and emotional stability to pick up yourself after falling each time also assimilates health!

What should your healthy self look like?

In your journey towards a healthier you, mornings should be high-on energy levels irrelevant of how the rest of the day would be like. 

Alongside working on your physical well-being, devoting sufficient time to mental health should be an equivalent priority.

Health comes from lifestyle management and not merely from being 'disease-free.' How?

Even a diabetic man who is conscious and aware while managing life, taking control and balancing various components is healthy, while a 'physical disease free' man intentionally being sluggish, alcohol addicted, and mentally drained cannot be called healthy.

While fitness restricts to physic, health is a wider concept extending to overall well-being and being cognizant about everything that recommends sustainable living. 

Looking after my health today gives me a better hope for tomorrow.” 

                                                                                            – Anne Wilson Schaef

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While fitness is a little excerpt of health, it isn't the downright concept, and that's where a vivid understanding is obligatory.

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