6 Things You Didn't Know Your Shaker Bottle Could Do

Many people believe that the innovation of protein shaker bottles is the greatest thing since sandwich bread. But paying big bucks on a bottle that serves only one objective doesn't seem very practical.


What if we told you that splitting up protein supplements is simply one of the many functions of your shaker bottle? If you haven't already purchased a shaker bottle, consider the many things it can do to benefit you beyond your pre/post-workout protein!


Though it might seem evident, many people are unaware that their protein shaker bottle can also serve as a water bottle! Shakers come in various sizes. You'll be capable of keeping track of the amount of water you're drinking and ensuring you're getting the daily recommended intake.


  • Pancakes Batter – Pancakes can be a messy business; the batter tends to run down the sides of the bowl, and picking up the bulky bowl to splash batter into the pan is a headache. However, using your shaker bottle, you can effortlessly mix the batter and put it into the pan without the mess!


  • Coffee drinks – Investing in fun ice-cold mochas is a relic of the past. Take a few cups of chilled brewed coffee, mix milk, and any additional flavors you like in your shaker bottle, shake, and boom! 


  • Protein Shakes – Don't lose sight of the purpose of your shaker bottle! If you've never tried protein shakes, a shaker bottle seems ideal for getting started. The primary distinction of shaker bottles is that they include a mechanism for breaking up and properly blending flavors for a creamy shake each time!


  • Cocktails – Besides making protein shakes, what smarter method to use the shaker bottle than to make fun cocktails? Since not everyone has room for a cocktail shaker, combine your favorite ingredients in a shaker bottle filled with ice and enjoy!


  • Salad Dressing – Buying big bottles of condiments can be fiscally irresponsible for those who live alone. Plus, by adding your sauces, you can decide how much sugar and salt are in them, making them nutritious for you! Any of your favorite dressing recipes you can make in a bowl with a spatula can be thrown in a shaker bottle and blended quickly and effortlessly.


  • Fluffy Scramble eggs – Scrambled eggs can be dicey; over- or under-boiling the eggs can result in flavor or texture issues. Who would want that? Shaking your eggs will smooth them out, likely to result in a creamier texture, a more delicious dish of scrambled eggs!


Blender bottles are fantastic for making crepes. Think again if you imagined making such a delicate dessert at home was impossible. Nothing stops you as long as you have Peanut butter in your refrigerator & icing sugar in your kitchen.


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